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Better use a dictionary

Lousy translation of French. This app cuts out anything that is shadowed and does not allow one to cut out text you do not want translated. And translations are downright bizarre: the town of Menton is translated as Chin. Go figure. I want my money back.

Translate Thai to English

Not event close. You guys have a lot of work to do, wonder can I got a refund?


It’s very bad. The translation is very poor and doesn’t helpful. It doesn’t worth the money I spent on it! Really disappointing!

Very disappointing! Buyer beware!

I purchased the app to translate Filipina. It the App Store it is not readily visible, but if you open the information and read all the way toward the bottom of the description, you will see that many languages are simply not included. Quite disappointing, but in this day and she I guess you must very careful and read all the fine print very carefully.

Try to translate text from screenshot works partially Dosnt give you time to size photos

I tried to transalate a conversation and it’s not as easy as google translate

Good idea!

You Should make better this app every day we need it.

Juan o.

Muy buena aplicación te saca de apuros


Dosent pick up text I went on google translate for free and it was better

No gasten su dinero en esto!!!

Es una soberana porqueria! No logra traducir nada correctamente ni de español a ingles ni de ingles a español. Honestamente una pena haber gastado $10 en esto. Nisiquiera el vocabulario de las tareas de mi hijo de primer grado logro traducir 😡😡👋🏻👋🏻

Doesn’t work

I bought this just so I could read the Japanese label on a bottle and it couldn’t find anything! And it was a clear photo. Just threw $10 away!


No está muy bien la traducción del inglés al español tiene que ser mejor la traducciónes

It’s good, but it needs to be better

This app is very helpful as a starting point for large groupings of text. Because it is insanely inaccurate, it’s important to have a base knowledge of the language before trusting it to help with long paragraphs of needed translation. There is no other app that I’m familiar with that can take large chunks of text, though, and translate. Just DO NOT use it if you’re not sure of any words in the language. I appreciate this app, though, and thought it was worth the purchase, despite limitations.


I want my money back

It stinks

Not recommended


So poor, not worth the cost. A waste of money. Bob Rocchi

Muy bueno

Realmente muy bueno. No deja de sorprenderme día a día. Muy útil


Surprisingly exact, at least for Japanese and Spanish, and great fun.


I like it 👍🏼

Does not always work

Korean writing into English does not always work, and I see the developers are replying using the cut and paste method. Don't buy until they fix the problem rather then respond to everyone using the same response of "they are working on it."

Muy buena. Aplicación

Es de mucha ayuda. Para traducir

Bad INDONESIA translation

Very bad translation for Indonesia. Please resolve! I wasted $9.99!

Love this app!!

A little confusing at the start when setting the languages from recognition to the translating language. I went to object & took a photo of my private parts , recognized as “Godzilla “ ! Love this app!!

Not accurate translation

Do not like program

Samuel García

Muy buena Gracias

It direct do what it claims to be able to do

Well I copied a text picture and I had the app analyze . The read back said "text" . It didn't translate as it claims . Now jus maybe I didn't chew gum , pat my belly and tap my head all at the same time. So just maybe you can tell me how this app is supposed to work

No puedo creerlo, que fácil se me hace ahora poder leer y entender todo cuanto encuentro

Muy útil y necesario para aquellos que como yo sufrimos por ser el Inglés nuestra segunda lengua. Ahora con esta app todo se hace muy fácil


I should have checked for reviews!!! I am calling to cancel now!!!


I just tried once,and is very helpful,very accurate,Perfect ,just what I needed.

Not bad not good

To early to tell. I'm not very impressed. It can't discern between color and object. But I'll keep plugging.




Snap a picture of a chair, dresser, table, desk, bookcase, sofa. The answer is always the same- "furniture". Big help!

Hebrew Text Translation

Hebrew text to English of a known text produced nonsense. This App is an exciting idea, however, needs more development .

Hit and miss - object recognition issues

The OCR text feature works fairly well. On the other hand, object recognition leaves much to be desired. In retrospect, considering this app has perhaps a 50% success rate due to the inadequate object recognition feature, I would NOT have purchased the app for the current $1.99 price. A $0.99 price-point would more accurately depict the TRUE value-to-functionality of this app. I'm hoping that a near-future update by the developers will resolve the existing problems.

Very cool!

Make sure you see the 'Text' vs. 'Object' at bottom. Once I saw that and downloaded the correct language, it worked great!

It knows nothing

Can not seem to recognize anything?

Can't identify

I've taken a number of pics and every one is labeled wrong.

In my opinion

So far this app does quite well I'm sure that it does have its limitations I speak German but there were some words that I never learned things that I never would have thought that I would need to say in German however this app has taught me new ways to say things that I used to just know one word for and some things I just never new but I'm sure it will sooner or later not be able to translate but so far very impressive well worth the price.

Good and not so good

It does a reasonably good job of translating text, even Thai writing, which not even the Google Translate app's OCR can do. The object translation, however, attempts to tell you what you're looking at but it's almost comical. A pepper grinder is described as "medicine". A water bottle on a table is described as a "room". A bag of peanuts is "no person". If you need translation of signs and text such as product packaging out in the world then this app can be helpful.

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